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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Philosophy

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Dr. Marius BackmannLecturer
Prof. Dr. Cristina BorgoniChair of Epistemology
Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander BrinkProfessor for Business Ethics
Dr. Uwe CzanieraLecturer (permanent)
Dr. Gen EickersLecturer
Prof. Dr. Julian FinkProfessor for Practical Philosophy (director of the P&E MA programme)
Dr. Paolo GaleazziLecturer
PD Dr. Gordian HaasLecturer (adjunct)
Prof. Dr. Rainer HegselmannProfessor Emeritus
Prof. Dr. Lena KästnerProfessor for Philosophy, Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
Florian KönigLecturer
Prof. Dr. Karolina MilewiczChair of Global Political Economy (chair website)
Prof. Dr. Patricia RichJunior Professor for Philosophy of Economics
Prof. Dr. Olivier RoyChair of Philosophy I (head of department + director of the P&E BA programme)
Prof. Dr. Rudolf SchüßlerChair of Philosophy II
Timo SpeithLecturer
Kenneth StillerLecturer
Prof. Dr. Johanna ThomaProfessor for Ethics
Prof. Dr. Gabriel Wollner (on research leave)
Professor for Political Philosophy
Research Fellows

PhD students
Leyla Ade (MSc)PhD student
Eytan Celik (MA)PhD student
Barnaby Crook (MA)PhD student
Nicolas Cuevas Alvear (MPhil)PhD student
Fritz Gillerke (MA)PhD student
Elmar Stracke (MSc)PhD student
Maria Eugênia Zanchet Bordignon (MA)PhD student
Claudia Ficht
Monika Schecklmann
Sonja Weber

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