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Decisions and Collectives
April 12th-13th 2024, Campus Uni Bayreuth

Organisers: Johanna Thoma, Bele Wollesen, Leyla Ade and Marina Moreno

The Workshop aims to shed light on how collectives should choose together and how one should choose on behalf of collectives, and to foster a constructive dialogue between advances in the formal modelling of individual and collective choice and the wider philosophical literature concerning the ontology of agency, practical reason, and democratic theory. 

  • Christian List
  • Nick Makins
  • Marina Moreno
  • Patricia Rich
  • Carol Rovane
  • Anne Schwenkenbecher
  • Katie Steele
  • Bob Sugden
  • Bele Wollesen
Workshop Programme here. I Campus map here.

There is space for additional attendants. Please get in touch with Johanna.Thoma@uni-bayreuth.de if you would like to attend!

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