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Research Forum talk at the University of Bayreuth

Research Forum

All welcome!

We would like to cordially invite you to this summer term’s Research Forum. 

In line with our good traditions, the research forum  will take place on Tuesdays, at 16 ct. However it will not do so on campus but online, via zoom. At least for the start that is - conditions permitting we might move later talks to a regular on campus format. A preliminary schedule can be found below. As the various uncertainties slowed down our planning, one or two extra talks may be added later. 

For further announcements, we have set up an elearning page for the research forum. Please sign up there, as this is were abstracts and zoom links will be made available.

28. April 2020

Salience plays a rational role

  • Sebastian Watzl | Oslo

19. May 2020

Desert as control - A new perspective on desert and fair wages

  • Jonas Franzen | Bayreuth

09. June 2020

The Problem of Testimony (P&E joint talk)

  • Ulrike Hahn | Birkbeck

23. June 2020

Rationalizing Independent Thinking in Information Cascades: Insights from a Simulation Study

  • Patricia Rich | Bayreuth

07. July 2020 +++ cancelled +++

On a Mental Viewpoint Concerning Aggregative Normativity

  • Irina Spiegel | Munich/Parmenides Foundation

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