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Research Forum talk at the University of Bayreuth

Research Forum

16:00–18:00 c.t. FAN C, S 106. All welcome!

Organization: Prof. Dr. Alice Pinheiro Walla

23. October 2018

Can liberals defend a right to family migration?

  • Chris Bertram | University of Bristol

13. November 2018

The Ethics of Migration and Common Ownership of the Earth

  • Margaret Moore | Queen's University

27. November 2018 (Joint talk, 6:15-7:45 pm, room S 62 im RW)

Bad by definition? Economics imperialism and norms of inquiry

  • Uskali Mäki | University of Helsinki

28. November 2018 (Joint talk, 4:00-6:00 pm, room S 64)

Learning fast and slow: a rational inattention approach

  • Frank Hüttner |  ESMT Berlin

29. November 2018 (Joint talk, 4:00-6:00 pm, room S 61)

Triangulating Social Freedom and Unfreedom

  • Yannig Luthra |  University of California Los Angeles

18. December 2018

What is the Opposite of Political Corruption?

  • Emanuela Ceva  | University of Pavia

05. February 2019

The openness-rights trade-off in labour migration and the joint demand of social and global justice

  • Eszter Kollar | KU Leuven

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