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Research Forum talk at the University of Bayreuth

Research Forum

All welcome!

We would like to cordially invite you to this winter term’s Research Forum. 

In line with our good traditions, the research forum  will take place on Tuesdays, at 16 ct. However it will not do so on campus but online, via zoom. At least for the start that is - conditions permitting we might move later talks to a regular on campus format. A preliminary schedule can be found below.

In order to stay informed about the Research Forum and to access the Zoom meetings, please join our eLearning site: https://elearning.uni-bayreuth.de/course/view.php?id=31265. If you have difficulty accessing the eLearning site or for other reasons need a direct Zoom link, please let us know (Patricia Rich / Paolo Galeazzi).

  • November 17th 2021 (P&E Joint Talk) I Leyla Ade (Bayreuth) I Iterated Goal-Based Voting

  • November 30th 2021 I Silvia Milano (Oxford) I Fair Recommendations

  • December 07th 2021 I Michael Franke () I tba

  • December 21st 2021 I Johannes Marti (Amsterdam) I Comparative Similarity and Natural Properties

  • January 18th 2022 I Nathalie Gontier (Lisbon): Studying symbolic evolution: an epistemological analysis

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