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C_Borgoni_Web Prof. Dr. Cristina Borgoni

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Chair of Epistemology

I am Professor of Epistemology at the University of Bayreuth since 2018. My philosophical interests concern various aspects of individuals’ minds (beliefs, rationality, self-knowledge, fragmentation, and implicit biases) as well as various aspects of interpersonal interaction (testimony, deference to first-person authority, epistemic injustice, and communication). I have published extensively in both areas. 

I was previously assistant professor at the University of Graz (2013-2017), postdoc at UCLA with Tyler Burge (2011-2013), and postdoc at UCL with Lucy O’Brien (2010). I wrote my PhD thesis at the University of Granada (2009) with the support of a Spanish National Grant (2005-2009), undertaking two short visits to Sussex University (with Sarah Sawyer and Murali Ramachandran) and UCLA (with Tyler Burge).

Please visit my webpage for more information: https://crisborgoni.com

Areas of Specialization

Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind: self-knowledge, first-person authority, beliefs, rationality, cognitive dissonance, fragmentation, implicit bias, epistemic injustice.

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Psychology


For my current and past courses, please see the P&E intranet.

I supervise bachelor and master theses on traditional topics in Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind as well as on politically oriented topics: conspiracy theory, implicit biases, and epistemic injustice.

PhD candidates are welcome to contact me directly. Please make sure that your project bears a clear connection to my fields of specialization.


Faculty of Cultural Studies
Chair of Epistemology



Borgoni, Cristina
First-person authority and the social aspects of self-knowledge
The Oxford Handbook of Social Epistemology
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2022

Borgoni, Cristina
Philosophy of Mind after Implicit Biases
The Political Turn in Analytic Philosophy : Reflections on Social Injustice and Oppression
Berlin : De Gruyter, 2022


The Fragmented Mind
publ: Borgoni, Cristina; Kindermann, Dirk; Onofri, Andrea
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2021

Borgoni, Cristina
Rationality in Fragmented Belief Systems
The Fragmented Mind
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2021


Borgoni, Cristina
Authority and Attribution : the Case of Epistemic Injustice in Self-Knowledge
in Philosophia volume 47 (2019) issue 2. - page 293-301
doi:10.1007/s11406-018-0002-x ...


Borgoni, Cristina
Basic self-knowledge and transparency
in Synthese volume 195 (2018) issue 2. - page 679-696
doi:10.1007/s11229-016-1235-5 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Unendorsed Beliefs
in Dialectica volume 72 (2018) issue 1. - page 49-68
doi:10.1111/1746-8361.12220 ...


Borgoni, Cristina; Luthra, Yannig
Epistemic akrasia and the fallibility of critical reasoning
in Philosophical Studies volume 174 (2017) issue 4. - page 877-886
doi:10.1007/s11098-016-0711-6 ...


Borgoni, Cristina
Dissonance and Irrationality : A Criticism of The In-Between Account of Dissonance Cases
in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly volume 97 (2016) issue 1. - page 48-57
doi:10.1111/papq.12039 ...


Borgoni, Cristina
reviewed by: Brueckner, Anthony ; Ebbs, Gary: Debating Self-Knowledge. Cambridge, 2012
in Australasian Journal of Philosophy volume 93 (2015) issue 1. - page 204
doi:10.1080/00048402.2014.974632 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Dissonance and Doxastic Resistance
in Erkenntnis volume 80 (2015) issue 5. - page 957-974
doi:10.1007/s10670-014-9691-0 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Dissonance and Moorean Propositions
in Dialectica volume 69 (2015) issue 1. - page 107-127
doi:10.1111/1746-8361.12095 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Epistemic akrasia and mental agency
in Review of Philosophy and Psychology volume 6 (2015) issue 4. - page 827-842
doi:10.1007/s13164-014-0205-4 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
On knowing one's own resistant beliefs
in Philosophical Explorations volume 18 (2015) issue 2. - page 212-225
doi:10.1080/13869795.2015.1032325 ...


Borgoni, Cristina
reviewed by: El origen de lo mental : la percepción como género psicológico
in Teorema volume 30 (2011) issue 3. - page 135-148
https://dialnet.unirioja.es/descarga/articulo/4243 ...
reviewed: Burge, Tyler: Origins of Objectivity. Oxford, 2010


Borgoni, Cristina
Cuando el externalismo y el auto-conocimiento privilegiado son compartibles o no
in Episteme volume N.S. 29 (2009) issue 1. - page 1-34

Borgoni, Cristina; Souza, Herivelto
Davidson's Externalisms
in Universitas Philosophica volume 26 (2009) issue 53. - page 65-87

Borgoni, Cristina
En casa, en el mundo : el externismo global constitutivo
in Teorema volume 28 (2009) issue 3. - page 151-171


Borgoni, Cristina
Interpretando la Paradoja de Moore : la irracionalidad de una oración mooreana
in Theoria : An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science volume 23 (2008) issue 2. - page 145-161
doi:10.1387/theoria.392 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Wittgensteins Externalism Getting Semantic Externalism through the Private Language Argument an ...
Reduction and elimination in philosophy and the sciences : Papers of the 31st International Wittgenstein Symposium
Kirchberg am Wechsel : Österr. Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Ges., 2008. - page 26-28 . - (Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society; 16)


Borgoni, Cristina
Davidson on Intercultural Dialog
Kulturen: Konflikt, Analyse, Dialog : Beiträge des 29. Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums
Kirchberg am Wechsel : Österr. Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Ges., 2006. - page 47-49 . - (Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society; 14)


Borgoni, Cristina; Pedroso, Makmiller
Is Nagel Davidsonible?
Experience and analysis : Papers of the 27th International Wittgenstein Symposium
Kirchberg am Wechsel : Österr. Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Ges., 2004. - page 52-54 . - (Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society; 12)


Faculty of Cultural Studies
Chair of Epistemology

Prof. Dr. Cristina Borgoni


Building GW II, room 01.22
Universität Bayreuth
Universitätsstr. 30
D-95447 Bayreuth

Postal address

Universität Bayreuth
Institut für Philosophie
D-95440 Bayreuth

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-4145
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Homepage: crisborgoni.com

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