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C_Borgoni_Web Prof. Dr. Cristina Borgoni Gonçalves

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Professorship for Epistemology

Prof. Borgoni (Ph.D. 2009, University of Granada) is Professor of Epistemology at the University of Bayreuth since February 2018. Her fields of specialization are epistemology and philosophy of mind and her research focuses on two major issues, namely, the nature of beliefs and accounts of self-knowledge. Prof. Borgoni has published a number of works in top ranked philosophical journals. She has a series of published papers on the nature of dissonance and implicit cognitions, and also a number of papers on different models of self-knowledge. Prof. Borgoni is currently developing an account of the phenomenon of first-person authority and its relationship with personhood. She has a parallel work in progress on the epistemic failures of prejudices, including implicit biases.

Before coming to Bayreuth, Prof. Borgoni held academic positions at the University of Graz (assistant professor, 2013-2017), UCLA (postdoctoral researcher and teaching assistant, 2011-2013), and UCL (postdoctoral researcher 2010). Her thinking is influenced by her former teachers and supervisors, Tyler Burge, Lucy O’Brien and Manuel de Pinedo.

Areas of Specialization

Epistemology and Philosophy of Mind: self-knowledge, beliefs, rationality, cognitive dissonance, fragmentation, implicit bias.

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Psychology


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Faculty of Cultural Studies
Professorship for Epistemology



The Fragmented Mind
publ: Borgoni, Cristina; Kindermann, Dirk; Onofri, Andrea
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2020

Borgoni, Cristina
Rationality in Fragmented Belief Systems
In: Borgoni, Cristina ; Kindermann, Dirk ; Onofri, Andrea(ed.): The Fragmented Mind - Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2020


Borgoni, Cristina
Authority and Attribution : the Case of Epistemic Injustice in Self-Knowledge
in Philosophia (2018) . - pp. 1-9
doi:10.1007/s11406-018-0002-x ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Basic self-knowledge and transparency
in Synthese vol. 195 (2018) issue 2. - pp. 679-696
doi:10.1007/s11229-016-1235-5 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Unendorsed Beliefs
in Dialectica vol. 72 (2018) issue 1. - pp. 49-68
doi:10.1111/1746-8361.12220 ...


Borgoni, Cristina; Luthra, Yannig
Epistemic akrasia and the fallibility of critical reasoning
in Philosophical Studies vol. 174 (2017) issue 4. - pp. 877-886
doi:10.1007/s11098-016-0711-6 ...


Borgoni, Cristina
Dissonance and Irrationality : A Criticism of The In-Between Account of Dissonance Cases
in Pacific Philosophical Quarterly vol. 97 (2016) issue 1. - pp. 48-57
doi:10.1111/papq.12039 ...


Borgoni, Cristina
Brueckner, Anthony ; Ebbs, Gary: Debating Self-Knowledge. Cambridge, 2012
Australasian Journal of Philosophy
doi:10.1080/00048402.2014.974632 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Dissonance and Doxastic Resistance
in Erkenntnis vol. 80 (2015) issue 5. - pp. 957-974
doi:10.1007/s10670-014-9691-0 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Dissonance and Moorean Propositions
in Dialectica vol. 69 (2015) issue 1. - pp. 107-127
doi:10.1111/1746-8361.12095 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Epistemic akrasia and mental agency
in Review of Philosophy and Psychology vol. 6 (2015) issue 4. - pp. 827-842
doi:10.1007/s13164-014-0205-4 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
On knowing one's own resistant beliefs
in Philosophical Explorations vol. 18 (2015) issue 2. - pp. 212-225
doi:10.1080/13869795.2015.1032325 ...


Borgoni, Cristina
El origen de lo mental : la percepción como género psicológico
https://dialnet.unirioja.es/descarga/articulo/4243 ...
reviewed: Burge, Tyler: Origins of Objectivity. Oxford, 2010


Borgoni, Cristina
Cuando el externalismo y el auto-conocimiento privilegiado son compartibles o no
in Episteme vol. N.S. 29 (2009) issue 1. - pp. 1-34

Borgoni, Cristina; Souza, Herivelto
Davidson's Externalisms
in Universitas Philosophica vol. 26 (2009) issue 53. - pp. 65-87

Borgoni, Cristina
En casa, en el mundo : el externismo global constitutivo
in Teorema vol. 28 (2009) issue 3. - pp. 151-171


Borgoni, Cristina
Interpretando la Paradoja de Moore : la irracionalidad de una oración mooreana
in Theoria vol. 23 (2008) issue 2. - pp. 145-161
doi:10.1387/theoria.392 ...

Borgoni, Cristina
Wittgensteins Externalism Getting Semantic Externalism through the Private Language Argument and the Rule-Following Considerations
In: Hieke, Alexander(ed.): Reduction and elimination in philosophy and the sciences : Papers of the 31st International Wittgenstein Symposium - Kirchberg am Wechsel: Österr. Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Ges., 2008. - pp. 26-28 . - (Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society; 16)


Borgoni, Cristina
Davidson on Intercultural Dialog
In: Gasser, Georg(ed.): Kulturen: Konflikt, Analyse, Dialog : Beiträge des 29. Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums - Kirchberg am Wechsel: Österr. Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Ges., 2006. - pp. 47-49 . - (Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society; 14)


Borgoni, Cristina; Pedroso, Makmiller
Is Nagel Davidsonible?
In: Marek, Johann Christian(ed.): Experience and analysis : Papers of the 27th International Wittgenstein Symposium - Kirchberg am Wechsel: Österr. Ludwig-Wittgenstein-Ges., 2004. - pp. 52-54 . - (Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society; 12)


Faculty of Cultural Studies
Professorship for Epistemology

Prof. Dr. Cristina Borgoni Gonçalves
Professor / Head of Department


Building GW II, room 01.22
Universität Bayreuth
Universitätsstr. 30
D-95447 Bayreuth

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