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Department of Philosophy

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Michael Otsuka giving a talk at the University of Bayreuth

Join the philosophical debate!

The department organizes a host of international conferences and workshops in philosophy, as well as a series of regular events. All welcome!

You will find below a list of our regular events. For the complete list of upcoming events, see the important dates.

The Research Forum

This is the departmental research seminar. It takes place usually on Tuesday during the semester. A lively mix of departmental and guest presentations from across the spectrum in philosophy. A specialty of the Research Forum are the Joint Talks. Twice per semester we join forces with the Economics Colloquium to organize truly P&E seminars. ...more

Wittgenstein Lectures

A highlight of the academic year are the Wittgenstein Lectures, which take place in the summer semester. For a full week philosophy teaching stops and we listen to a leading philosopher. ...more

Max Stirner Lectures

There were Bayreuth philosophers before P&E, including 19th century Anarchist Max Stirner who was born here in 1806. Beginning in summer 2019, the Max Stirner Lectures host leading political philosophers to deliver lectures in an Anarchist spirit (broadly conceived). ...more

BaRoC Colloquium

The Bayreuth-Rotterdam Colloquium in Social and Political Philosophy (BaRoC) is a monthly colloquium organized jointly by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and by the School of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands) ...more

LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference

For the past years student and faculty of two departments meet in early May ...more


The Bayreuth Student Conference in Analytic Philosophy ...more

bayreuther dialoge

Discussing topics of current social relevance ...more

All welcome. Join the philosophical debate!

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