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Doing a PhD at the Philosophy Department

The philosophy department offers an excellent combination of practical and theoretical philosophy, a colloquial and constructive research atmosphere, and numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary and international collaborations. An ideal environment for embarking on a PhD project. Interested? There are two ways to join us as a PhD student:

  1. Apply for an open PhD position associated with a current research project or permanent faculty member at the department. These positions are typically focused on specific research questions and/or topics. All PhD project opportunities and currently open positions are available on our Vacancy Page

  2. Apply for your own PhD funding at national or German agency. Such an application is typically prepared first by making preliminary contact with one of the members of the department. You will find all information about us and our current research interests by browsing our Team Page. For more information about current funding opportunities, a good starting point is the DAAD Scholarship Database.

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