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Julian Fink Prof. Dr. Julian Fink
Julian Fink

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Professorship for Practical Philosophy

Julian Fink is Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He is also a Guest Professor in PPE at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, and an External Lecturer in European Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland, Austria. Julian is also an Honorary Member of the Academic Senate of the Albanian University, Tirana.


  • Co-Director of the Philosophy-&-Economics (P&E) MA Programme
    (with Prof Hartmut Egger | Economics)
  • Chair of the P&E MA Examination Board
  • Coordinator of the PPE Charles University Prague – University of Bayreuth
    BA Double Degree Programme
  • Coordinator of the Ukrainian Catholic University – University of Bayreuth Erasmus+ (KA107) Faculty/Staff/Student Exchange
  • Coordinator of the P&E MA Erasmus Student Exchange


Julian earned his master’s (BPhil, 2005) and doctorate (DPhil, 2010) in Philosophy from the University of Oxford, under the supervision of John Broome and Krister Bykvist. He also obtained his BA (2003) in P&E from Bayreuth (where he was P&E’s fifth graduate). Prior to joining Bayreuth in 2017, he was a SNF Research Fellow at the University of Berne (2014-17), Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (2016), Member and International Fellow at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (2014-15), and Lecturer in P&E at Bayreuth (2013-14), ERC Research Fellow at the University of Vienna (2010-13) and Fellow of the Norwegian Research Council at the CSMN at the University of Oslo (2009-10). Julian also held Guest Professorships at the Universities of Vienna (2016) and Graz (2014), along with P&E’s Adam Smith Guest Professorship at Bayreuth (2012-13).

Areas of Specialisation

Rationality, Reasoning, Normativity. Theoretical Ethics. The Nature of Nazi Law.

Areas of Competence

Meta-, Applied, and Business Ethics. Political and Legal Philosophy.
The Philosophy of Institutional Economics. Illiberal Democracy.


Please see: Philpapers


P&E International Teaching  
Charles University, Prague: P&E Classics: Morality, Rationality, Markets, Justice.
Albanian University, Tirana: P&E MA Integrative Seminar: The Philosophy, Politics & Economics of Post-Communist Albania.  

P&E Lecture Courses
Introduction to Philosophical Analysis.
Business Ethics & Social Entrepreneurship.

P&E Seminars
The Philosophy, Politics & Economics of the Illiberal Democracy.
Rationality, Reasons & Normativity.
Non-Ordinary Consciousness: Philosophy & Epistemology.

For my current and past courses, please see the P&E intranet.

Julian Fink

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Professorship for Practical Philosophy



Fink, Julian
The Essence of Structural Irrationality
in Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy volume 26 (2023) issue 2. - page 377-419
doi:10.26556/jesp.v26i2.1886 ...


Messerli, Michael; Fink, Julian; Reuter, Kevin
The varying rationality of weakness of the will : an empirical investigation and its challenges ...
in Synthese volume 200 (2022)
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Fink, Julian
What (In)coherence Is Not
in Grazer Philosophische Studien volume 99 (2022) issue 2. - page 125-134
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The Morality of Price/Quality and Ethical Consumerism
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Fink, Julian
The Property of Rationality : A Guide to What Rationality Requires?
in Philosophical Studies volume 175 (2018) issue 1. - page 117-140
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Fink, Julian
Die Rationalität eingefrorener Konflikte
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Fink, Julian
Erratum To: The Ladder of Rationality
in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice volume 19 (2016) issue 3. - page 793
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Fink, Julian
The Ladder of Rationality
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Fink, Julian
Normative Lessons for the Scope Debate of Rational Requirements
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Fink, Julian
A Constitutive Account of "Rationality Requires"
in Erkenntnis volume 79 (2014) issue 4. - page 909-941
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Rechtfertigungen des Unrechts : Das Rechtsdenken Im Nationalsozialismus in Originaltexten
publ: Pauer-Studer, Herlinde; Fink, Julian
Berlin : Suhrkamp, 2014 . - (Suhrkamp-Taschenbuch Wissenschaft; 2043)

Fink, Julian; Pauer-Studer, Herlinde
Rechtfertigungen des Unrechts : Das Rechtsdenken im Nationalsozialismus in Originaltexten
Berlin : Suhrkamp, 2014. - page 9-13 . - (Suhrkamp-Taschenbuch Wissenschaft; 2043)


Fink, Julian
in Organon F volume 20 (2013) issue 4. - page 422-424
http://www.klemens.sav.sk/fiusav/doc/organon/2013/ ...

Fink, Julian
What is (Correct) Practical Reasoning?
in Acta Analytica volume 28 (2013) issue 4. - page 471-482
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Fink, Julian
The Function of Normative Process-Requirements
in Dialectica volume 66 (2012) issue 1. - page 115-136
doi:10.1111/j.1746-8361.2012.01292.x ...

Benson, Carolyn; Fink, Julian
Legal Oughts, Normative Transmission, and the Nazi Use of Analogy
in Jurisprudence volume 3 (2012) issue 2. - page 445-463
doi:10.5235/Jurisprudence.3.2.341 ...

Benson, Carolyn; Fink, Julian
New Perspectives on Nazi Law
in Jurisprudence volume 3 (2012) issue 2. - page 341-346
doi:10.5235/Jurisprudence.3.2.341 ...


Fink, Julian
Are All Actions Movements of the Agent's Body?
in Kriterion volume 24 (2011) issue 1. - page 52-64
http://www.kriterion-journal-of-philosophy.org/kri ...

Fink, Julian
Are There Process-Requirements of Rationality?
in Organon F volume 18 (2011) issue 4. - page 475-487
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Fink, Julian
Asymmetry, Scope, and Rational Consistency
in Croatian Journal of Philosophy volume 10 (2010) issue 2. - page 109-130


Fink, Julian
Do We Have Reasons to Do as We Believe We Ought to Do?
Practical Rationality : Intentionality, Normativity and Reflexivity
Aranguren : Ziur Navarra, 2009. - page 65-79


Fink, Julian
Is the Right Prior to the Good?
in South African Journal of Philosophy volume 26 (2007) issue 2. - page 143-149
doi:10.4314/sajpem.v26i2.31469 ...


Fink, Julian
reviewed by: Peacocke, Christopher: The Realm of Reason. Oxford, 2004
Meixner, Uwe: Focus: history of epistemology
in volume 8 (2005)

Julian Fink

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Professorship for Practical Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Julian Fink


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