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Philosophy, Computer Science & Artificial lntelligence Job Talks: Dorothea Baumeister - Collective Decisions through Scoring Systems

July 13, 2021, 09.00-09.45
Zoom: https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us/j/62481044565?pwd=WTY5MFNQaEJrbFRxS1AxSzMrTnhHdz09

Please note that only members of the University of Bayreuth can attend the job talks. We appreciate your comprehension.

Abstract: This talk will give a brief overview of the field computational social choice, an interdisciplinary research area at the interface between computer science and social choice theory. The use of mechanisms originating from social choice theory in computer science applications, especially in artificial intelligence (e.g., recommender systems and multi-agent systems), emerges diverse research questions. A formal mathematical specification and analysis of these mechanisms is required and different forms of influence arise new importance since the outcome may have major consequences. A central topic in computational social choice is the study of elections, where votes are given as ordered lists over candidates. A common way of determining winners is then to apply some scoring system, where each position is associated with a specific score. This setting is transferable to other situations such as sports tournaments. The design of such systems, i.e., the choice of score values, may have a crucial influence. This talk will summarize some theoretical results for this problem, as well as a case study of data from Formula 1. [Poster]

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