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Philosophy, Computer Science & Artificial lntelligence Job Talks: Ringo Baumann: Argumentation in Al

July 09, 2021, 13.30-14.15
Zoom: https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us/j/62481044565?pwd=WTY5MFNQaEJrbFRxS1AxSzMrTnhHdz09

Please note that only members of the University of Bayreuth can attend the job talks. We appreciate your comprehension.

Abstract: The field of formal argumentation has become a vibrant research area in Artificial Intelligence (AI) covering aspects of knowledge representation, non-monotonic reasoning, multi-agent systems, and also  philosophical questions. It deals with computational models of an argument and argumentation in general, as well as approaches and  techniques formalizing inference on the basis of arguments and counterarguments. In this talk I will highlight some main  application areas as well as ongoing research. In particular, I will show how argumentation can be used for explainability - one of the currently most important topics in AI. [Poster]

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