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Research Forum – Jonas Franzen (University of Bayreuth): "Desert as control - A new perspective on desert and fair wages"

May 19, 2020, 16.00-18.00

Luck Egalitarianism is an important family of theories in distributive justice. It gradually evolved in the late 20th century and tries to reconcile two fundamental values which have traditionally been conceived as incompatible, i.e. equality and (personal) responsibility. However attractive, this raises a fundamental question: In what sense is Luck Egalitarianism still an egalitarian theory? Within this context, I would like to defend two separate claims: Negatively, I argue that Luck Egalitarianism fails to be a meaningful synthesis of equality and responsibility. Positively, I want to show that the core commitment(s) of Luck Egalitarianism can be transferred into a control-based theory of desert. Thus, instead of seeing themselves as egalitarians, Luck Egalitarians should wholeheartedly embrace desertarianism.

The meeting will take place online, using zoom. The login-details can be found on the research forum’s  elearning site.

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