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Research Forum – Joint Talk: Christine Tiefensee (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management): "Collective Responsibility and the Moral Arbitrariness of Making No Difference"

June 04, 2019, 16:15–17:45
S 5 (GW II)

Ascribing moral responsibility in collective action cases is notoriously difficult. After all, if my individual actions make no difference with regard to the prevention of climate change, the alleviation of poverty or the outcome of national elections, why ought I to stop driving, donate money or cast my vote? Neither consequentialist nor non-consequentialist
moral theories have straightforward responses ready at hand. In this talk, I present a new suggestion which, based on thoughts about causal overdetermination, aims to show that causally overdetermined collective action cases are morally arbitrary in a way that makes it possible to ascribe moral responsibility even if individual actions ‘make no difference’. [Poster]

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