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Paul McNamara (New Hampshire): Could Robots One Day Deserve Rights?

March 13, 2019, 15:55-16:40
H 27 (GW II)

Ignoring the supernatural, until our time, the only serious candidates for possession of psychological attributes were biological entities. Bold AI is the view that it is possible in principle for a pure mechanism of some sort to possess psychological attributes. That’s what “Bold AI” means, and that’s what makes it theoretically and technically radical: it invites the quest to free the psychological from confinement to the biological, a quest characteristic of our times, and perhaps one that will end up marking an era. But what else of more practical weight might be true if the view is true?  I explore the significance of Bold AI by asking this question with a focus on classical theories of rights, and various weaker and stronger versions of Bold AI.

Everyone is welcome to attend, but if you plan on doing so please let Prof. Olivier Roy know in advance!

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