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Fachgruppe Philosophie / Department of Philosophy

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Finance & Philosophy

Finance & Philosophy is concerned with policy issues at the intersection of finance and philosophy. We believe that such an interdisciplinary approach is required for understanding the most fundamental practical problems at the heart of our modern and globalized financial system.

Winter Semester 2016-17

International Conference on Finance & Social Justice

Matthew Braham, Bernhard Herz, and Marco Meyer

The Finance and Social Justice conference to take place at the University of Bayreuth will discuss questions at the intersection of finance and moral and political philosophy. The conference will bring together about 40 participants from philosophy, economics, and related disciplines such as sociology, political science, law, and economic history who work on finance and social justice. Presenters will be paired with commentators from a different discipline. Presentations, keynote lectures, and a poster session will be augmented with innovative formats to facilitate open and interdisciplinary discussion of the conference theme.

Please visit the conference website for more details: www.finance-and-justice-conference.org

Verantwortlich für die Redaktion: Univ.Prof.Dr. Matthew Braham

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