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Conferences and Workshops @ UBT Philosophy

Join the philosophical debate! We organize a host of international conferences and workshops in philosophy. You can find all the information for joining in here.

Looking for an event? The up and coming confernces and workshops are listed below. You either have a link to a new page or to a pdf.

21-22 February 2017

Logic meets Legal Theory: 3rd PIOTR project meeting >>

Spring 2017

From Shared Evidence to Group Attitudes - SEGA >>

05-06 May 2017

Private Property & Territorial Rights >>

As always, all welcome!

Past Events

25-26 November 2016

1st Bayreuth Workshop in Philosophy of Economics: Explanation in Economics and the Social Sciences >>

08-09 July 2016

Political Theory Workshop: The Fundamental Values: Freedom, Dignity and Wellbeing >>

18-21 July 2016

Deontic Logic and Normative Systems (DEON) 2016 >>

15-16 October 2015

Sufficientarianism – Can Justice Get Enough >>

03-05 July 2015

2015 Formal Ethics Conference >>

01-02 July 2015

Joint Duties Workshop >>

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