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A Philosophy & Economics student at the University of Bayreuth

A research forum for students by students

The P&E Student Research Forum is a biweekly event in which P&E students have the opportunity to present their first research project - be it a term paper, a final thesis or work from a research assistantship.

At each session the floor is given to one student to present his or her work. A talk of about 45 minutes is then followed by a round of Q&As.

Work in progress is especially welcome. Debating your work with your peers will help you to strengthen your arguments and to broaden your ideas. For the audience, it offers insight into the variety of research conducted in P&E and can guide in developing own research questions.

If you are interested in presenting your work please contact one of the organizers: Hannah Abelius, Martin Brennecke or Kathrin Hennes. All topics from P and E and P&E are welcome.

Join the P, E, and P&E debate!

Webmaster: Dr. Uwe Czaniera

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