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Ben Ferguson at the 2014 LSE–UBT Student Philosophy Conference

LSE–UBT Student Philosophy Conference

At the beginning of May students and faculty of the LSE and UBT philosophy departments get together to hold the Student Philosophy Conference. 

The format includes 8 student papers, 4 from each department, with commentators from the opposite department and two keynote lectures. Students have to submit their papers, which should between 1500 and 4000 words to a blind referee process. A selection of the papers are published in Rerum Causae, the LSE student philosophy journal.

The conference is kindly supported by the LSE Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, the Förderverein Philosophy & Economics e.V., and the Department of Philosophy, University of Bayreuth.

Call for Papers: 8th LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference [Poster]

The London School of Economics and Political Science Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, together with the University of Bayreuth Philosophy & Economics programme, invite submissions from both BA/BSc and MA/MSc students for the 8th LSE-Bayreuth Student Philosophy Conference. The conference will take place on 7-8 May 2021 online via Zoom, hosted by the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Submissions should be between 1500–4000 words and include an abstract of 150 words. Submissions should be sent no later than 15 March, 2021 to the email address: LBSC@uni-bayreuth.de. Please include “8th LSE-UBT conference papersubmission” in the subject line. You should remove all identifying information from your submission and include a covering letter with your name, university, degree title, year of study and contact information.

There will be 8 papers (4 LSE + 4 UBT) and two keynote lectures from LSE and UBT faculty: Dr. Laurenz Hudetz (LSE) and Dr. Patricia Rich (UBT).

Further information:

Bayreuth: Paolo Galeazzi | pagale87@gmail.com
LSE: Miklós Rédei | m.redei@lse.ac.uk

Webmaster: Dr. Uwe Czaniera

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