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M_Messerli_Web Dr. Michael Messerli

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Department of Philosophy

I studied Philosophy and Economics at the University of Bern (Switzerland) and obtained a PhD in Philosophy and Economics in 2017 at the LMU Munich (Germany). Afterwards, I accepted a post-doctoral position with the Department of Philosophy at the University of Sheffield (UK). This is a scholarship granted by the Swiss National Science Foundation. I'm interested in issues such as decision-making, rationality, values and decision theory. Other areas of study are heuristics and biases, ethics and philosophy of economics. My current research covers the following topics and questions:

Hard Choices (What are the descriptive characteristics of hard choices? How should we choose in the face of hard choices?)

1. Hard Cases of Comparison, Philosophical Studies, 2017, with Kevin Reuter
2. How Not to Characterise a Hard Choice, Ratio, 2017, with Kevin Reuter
3. The Chaining Argument, in preparation, with Daniel Brunnabend
4. Is it appropriate to randomly choose in hard choice scenarios?, under review

Transformative Experience / Personal and Epistemic Transformative Decisions (Can transformative decisions be rational? Which role does imagination play in epistemic transformative choices?)

5. Transformative Decisions, Journal of Philosophy, forthcoming, with Kevin Reuter
6. Transformative Experience and Second-Order Preferences, in preparation, with Marius Werz
7. Will I always imagine?, in preparation

Values (What is value (in)comparability? How can we deal with value incomparability?)

8. Unvergleichbarkeit. Dürfen wir Entscheidungen dem Würfel überlassen?, in preparation (monograph)

Philosophy of Economics (How can the changeable nature of human motivation be integrated into decision theory? Which is the best model to capture preference change?)

9. A Commitment-based Theory of Preference Change, under review, with David Strohmaier

Foundations of Rationality / Gender Biases (Which contexts undermine the appropriateness of comparing? What kind of gender biases do we find in this area?)

10. Rationality and Comparing, in preparation, with Kevin Reuter and Julian Fink


Faculty of Cultural Studies
Department of Philosophy

Dr. Michael Messerli
Adam Smith Guest Professor


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95447 Bayreuth

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Universität Bayreuth
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