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Dominik Klein Dr. Dominik Klein
Dominik Klein

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Chair of Philosophy I

I am a postdoc in the group of Olivier Roy at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Bayreuth. At the same time, I am a postdoc at the Political Theory Group at the Institute for Political Sciences of the University of Bamberg. I am also a member of research projects on Collective Attitude Formation (Bayreuth/Paris), From Shared Evidence to Group Attitudes (Bayreuth/Prague), and Logics of Information Flow in Social Networks (Tsinghua).

A list of publications and more information on my teaching  can be found on dominikklein.dk

My research is centered on mostly formal approaches to human interaction, ranging from the emergence of inequality to rationality norms on belief states. My work touches on topics in logic, epistemology, philosophy of science and social philosophy. A particular focus of my work is to employ logical tools, in particular multi-agent dynamic logic, to address a variety of philosophic topics. I am also currently working on simulational approaches in political theory. 

I hold a PhD in Philosophy (2015) from  the Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics and Philosophy of Science.

Dominik Klein

Faculty of Cultural Studies
Chair of Philosophy I

Dr. Dominik Klein
Lecturer (fixed term)


Building GW II, room 2.25
Universität Bayreuth
Universitätsstr. 30
95447 Bayreuth

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Universität Bayreuth
Institut für Philosophie
95440 Bayreuth

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-4152
E-mail: Dominik.Klein@uni-bayreuth.de
Homepage: dominikklein.dk

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