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DYCODE Lecture Series

We are proud to host a lecture series on the theme of Collective Decision-making: Formal Tools and Philosophical Perspectives, as part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie project DYCODE. This interdisciplinary lecture series features leading experts from political theory, philosophy, economics, and computer science.

Organisation: Frederik Van De Putte

The lectures will be held in English and are open to everyone. Please notify us at frederik.vandeputte@uni-bayreuth.de in case you wish to attend. Students and staff of the University of Bayreuth can download slides and other material related to the lectures, by subscribing to the course "DYCODE Lecture Series" on the university's e-learning platform.

04. December 2018 I 16-18 I S 106 (FAN)

Power Illusion in Coalitional Bargaining

06. February 2019 I 18-20 I S 6 (GW II)

The ethics of voting: a pluralist account

09. April 2019 I 16-18 I S 106 (FAN)

Foundations for Liquid Democracy

13. June 2019 I 16-18 I S 106 (FAN)

On Democracy as Symmetrical Subjection

22. November 2019 I t.b.a.


  • Philip Pettit  | Princeton University, Australian National University of Canberra

Past Lectures

07. November 2018 I 18-20 I S 6 (GW II)

Majoritarian Stable Societies

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