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Prof. Dr. Olivier Roy

roy2_sq Prof. Dr. Olivier Roy

Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Professor - Logik und Spieltheorie / Logic and Game Theory

Head of Department
Coordinator: Philosophy & Economics Programme
Chair of Exam Board: Philosophy & Economics (BA)

I am Professor of Philosophy and joined the Department at the start of the Winter Semester 2013-14. I am also external member of the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, where I worked for two years as assistant professor. Before that I worked at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in the Faculty of Philosophy. I have completed my PhD in February 2008 at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation in Amsterdam, under the supervision of Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam and Stanford) and Martin van Hees (Groningen). I am associate editor of ErkenntnisTopoiTheory and Decision Library Series A, and Section Editor for the "Logic, Computation and Agency" Section of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (the latter together with Eric Pacuit and Johan van Benthem).


Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Professor - Logik und Spieltheorie / Logic and Game Theory

I study questions of rationality in strategic interaction, learning and belief revision in social network, structure and justification of norms, and the philosophy of shared agency. For this I use methods from logic, computer science, and decision and game theory.


Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Professor - Logik und Spieltheorie / Logic and Game Theory

International Peer-reviewed Journals

1. OR and Jan-Willem Romeijn, ”Individual and Social Deliberation: Introduction”, in Economics and Philosophy, Volume 31, Issue 01, March 2015, pp 1-2.

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Peer-reviewed Conference Proceedings

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Books and Edited Work

1. Davide Grossi and OR “Logic and Rational Interaction”, special issue of Journal of Logic and Computation, To Appear in 2015.

2. OR and Ole Thomassen Hjortland “Substructural Logic and Information Dynamics”, special issue of Journal of Logic and Computation, To Appear
in 2015.

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8. Fenrong Liu and OR, “Advances in Belief Dynamics”, Special issue of Synthese, Volume 173, Issue 2, 2010

Book Reviews

1. OR, “Review of I. Gilboa’s “Rational Choice””, Economics and Philosophy, 28(1), March, 2012.

Contributions to Edited Volumes

1. Eric Pacuit and OR, “Epistemic foundations of game theory”, in Ed Zalta (ed), Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Spring 2015 edition.

2.  OR, Albert Anglberger and Norbert Gratzl, “The Logic of Best Action from a Deontic Perspective”, in A. Baltag and S. Smets (eds), Johan
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et Sliwinski (eds.), Modality Matters: Twenty-Five Essays in Honour of Krister Segerberg, Uppsala Philosophical Studies 53, Uppsala, 2006.

Publications in National, Peer-reviewed Journals

1. Martin van Hees, Marc Pauly and OR, “Democratisch optimisme: deliberatie in theorie en praktijk”, in Contested Democracy, Dutch National
Research Foundation (NWO), 2013.

2. Paul Egre and OR, “Les Conventions sans la Connaissance Commune?”, Klesis, no. 24, December 2012.

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pp. 283-314, April-June 2010.

4. “Intentions rationnelles et acceptations en deliberation.” Philosophiques, 35(2), Automne 2008, pp.525—545.

PhD thesis: Thinking before acting: Intentions, Logic, Rational Choice, ILLC
Dissertation Series DS-2008-03, Amsterdam, 2008


Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Professor - Logik und Spieltheorie / Logic and Game Theory

Sie finden meine gegenwärtigen und vergangenen Lehrveranstaltungen hier.

You find my current and past courses here.


Kulturwissenschaftliche Fakultät
Professor - Logik und Spieltheorie / Logic and Game Theory

Telefon: +49 (0)921 55-4151
E-Mail: Olivier.Roy@uni-bayreuth.de
Sprechstunde: Dienstag 10-12 Uhr
Raum: 1.18 (GW II)

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